Streaming Link

There's a LOT happening here at church-- and we are especially excited to be able to share our Sunday worship services through internet live streaming technology! Please note the following specific information about our live streaming:

When watching at home on your computer, please be sure to have your audio speakers turned up. If you do not have speakers associated with it or any other viewing device-- you might consider using headphones.


Please give us your feedback! We're trying to fine-tune this to be as effective as possible, and your comments will help us immensely. Please direct these to either Pastor Gary or Pastor Stephanie, or Charlie Brown. (And many thanks to all our church "techies" who are always working to be sure we have the best in audio/sound.)

 Please share our good news with your friends and family! We're thrilled to be able to open our worship experience through this powerful communication tool to the entire world through the internet and technology. God's word can and should be shared as openly as possible & we encourage you to share our link abundantly. There is no limit to the number of people that can watch this through our link.

YES-- you can watch our Sunday worship in your pajamas. And NO our cameras do NOT see you :)


Don't  have a link to click on? Then simply type the following into your browser:


[NOTE: our live streaming will only be streaming about five minutes before our worship service begins. Until then, you won't see anything on this link.]

 Enjoy! And thanks be to God who helps us navigate through life with new technology and opportunities.