Return to Sunday Worship in the Sanctuary and Live Streaming November 1, 2020

On Sunday November 1, 2020 we will return to a limited in-person worship and live streaming Sunday mornings around 10AM. So how will this work? 

For Attending Worship:
---You will need to reserve a seat each week. Call Liz Martin at 315-468-2509 or email by noon on Friday each week to make your reservation. You will only be confirmed after speaking to Liz in person or receiving a confirmation email. Note: priority will be given to those who haven't attended worship. If you miss a service you've registered for, you'll be prioritized for the next worship you can make. 
---You will have your name checked off the reservation list and your temperature taken at the door.
---You must wear a mask the entire time you are in the building (even while seated). 
---You cannot sing. We know it breaks your heart. It breaks ours too, but until this is over, no congregational singing. 
---We will have the windows open to facilitate cross breezes (unless precipitation forces us to close them), so please dress warmly. 
---If you have symptoms of COVID or the Flu, DO NOT come to worship. For your health and the health of others, go to the doctor instead! 

For the Livestream:
---We will be live streaming to our joint YouTube Channel (West Syracuse Suburbs Worship). Click to subscribe to get notifications of when we go Live.
---Livestreams will start about 9:55 a.m. with music and slides. Worship will being around 10 AM. 
---We share links to the REUC and FCC UCC Facebook pages. If you want to watch on Facebook, make sure to check for the link. 
---We will have the video embedded on the REUC "Watch Live" page, so if you've been watching there, you should see little change. 
---At this time, we may or may not be able to stream the audio Zoom call live. Pastor Gary will be working on solutions with the people who are regularly calling in. 
---The Coffee Hour Zoom call is still scheduled, but Pastor Stephanie and Pastor Gary will probably not be able to make it. :-) 

Please be patient with us. If there are audio or visual problems with the stream, we'll be doing our best to adjust live.